EZ Digital Brand Health Check

EZ Digital Health Check

Let’s start at the beginning shall we? Your brand!

Beyond a nice logo and an email signature, many small to medium-size businesses ignore the impact their brand can have when managed correctly. The general perception is that brand building is something for the big players in the market with big budgets and existing brand recognition.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Giving your brand exposure will make acquiring new customers easier. It will also add more dimension, depth and personality to your business which instils confidence in your potential clients.

Here is our EZ Digital 4-point brand health check:
  1. A well designed logo that looks good on printed media as well as on display screens;
  2. Having a consistent tone of voice. Once you understand your audience you will want to speak to them in tone which is familiar and consistent. These can differ greatly depending on your industry and the products and services you offer. Some examples are: empowering and uplifting, friendly and informative or even Professional and ambitious.
  3. The same goes for your images. They should have a consistent style, so they look as though they belong to the same family. Above all ensure all images are good quality. Poor quality images erode confidence.
  4. Have your key messages down pat! Ideally you will have both a shorter or longer key message. These often accompany your logo so they need to convey all the features and benefits of what you do and how your products and services can benefit potential clients.
Now that we’ve dissected the main aspects of your brand, how does it help?

Creating trust – When you present your brand in a professional way it reinforces the quality of your products and service. Potential clients will trust you and feel more comfortable transacting with you.

Improving recognition – A well designed logo aids recognition and memory recall. Your brand will give prospective clients the desired impression of your company so when people see it, they instantly think and feel what you want them to think and feel.

Supporting your marketing efforts – strong brand positioning tells people what quality and service to expect from your organisation. A well-defined brand gives you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Opening new revenue streams – branding is one of the best ways to get referral or word-of-mouth business. It’s important that your logo, tone of voice, imagery and messages all fit seamlessly to form a positive impression in your clients’ minds.

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So, no matter what size business you have, working to reinforce your brand builds consumer confidence that has lasting benefits over time. If you would like to speak to us about further developing or refining your brand contact us on hello@ezdigital.io or 1300 EZ DIGITAL (1300 393 444)