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Display Advertising
Connect display advertising your brand to your most valuable audience. This comes EZ to us because we love what we do.

For paid digital advertising to work at its best, it needs to combine data, imagination, and expertise. When these things seamlessly connect, your business grows and your leads become your loyal customers.

When we say display advertising, in simple terms we mean banner advertising across the whole digital media network. Nothing changes faster than this space. From platforms, channels and display networks, they’re ever evolving which makes it hard to follow when you’re running a business. That’s where we come in, data-scientists and creatives that make navigating this network EZ for you.

You want a proven competitive advantage! Display advertising will take you there creating awareness around every aspect of your business and placing it in front of the right people.

Its measurable, it’s targeted, it’s re-targeted and above all we make it look good.

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Email Marketing
Deploy and go!

Your owned assets are your golden nugget. We’re not about spamming, but your database is your King of all Kings. People sign up to your mailing list because they genuinely want to know the latest and greatest on your brand. If you’re not using your list to your advantage, it’s almost like spamming in reverse.

It’s so good because it’s cost effective, gives you great return on investment (ROI), provides value compounded with value and allows you to carry your conversation through multiple touchpoints. Guess what else? It’s easily measurable.  From open rates and click volume, to intelligent A/B testing, we make this process EZ for you. We’re nerdy like that and we love it.

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Ever wondered how you keep your brand top of mind?

Ever wondered how you keep your brand top of mind? The technical term is remarketing, but we like to call it pure genius! Did you ever notice that pair of awesome kicks following you around the internet? Or those sunnies you looked at buying two weeks ago? This is because clever brands are using these same techniques to follow you around the internet.

We can do this for your brand. We can place your brand back in front of the customers who’ve hit your website so you then become top of mind in their world and they come back to you in a non-stalker semi-organic type of way.

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Social Media Marketing
We work hard to create the most compelling, adaptive content we can.

Social media marketing is the humanizing part of your brand. It makes you real for your customers.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we spend lots of time on our socials. The average Australian spends one hour and thirty-nine minutes on social media each day. That’s a lot of scrolling, commenting, sharing and selfie…ing! Let’s face it, we love to be social.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn EZ Digital’s social media marketing experts can help your business make the most out of its social media advertising. It’s so targeted that you only pay to show your ads to the people who want to see them. Yes, you heard right, *WANT* to see them.

Let’s reach more people for your business! Around 36% of Australian internet users now use some form of ad-blocking when they’re online. This means that without social media marketing, your brand is going to have a hard time reaching about a third of your online customers. Thankfully, with EZ Digital’s Adelaide Social Media Marketing experts, your brand can beat the ad blockers through people’s feeds and stories.

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Video Marketing
Shortly will be the most powerful tool to deliver your brands message.

Video has a place from your websites to your social advertising. Drone footage, fly throughs, testimonials or walkthroughs of your cool new studio can all be captured via video. Your digital strategy just caught up to today’s genius.

We want better engagement for you, we want to take your customers on your journey through emotive marketing and video is a big part of the answer.

We’re constantly evolving our offering to include the touchpoints of tomorrow, deploying new technologies to help brands engage strategically with customers. Video is targeted – Unlike old broadcast advertising, online video marketing is highly-targeted. EZ Digital’s video marketing specialists will work with you to target your video to your ideal consumer.

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Web Design
Your very first consumer interaction happens here. First impressions last.

Brands and businesses take note and make it count!

You own this asset, this is the mecca that attaches you to the global marketplace.

We’re becoming more impatient as humans, we have less time, we want the best results and are looking for the EZ way to get there.

Our team here at EZ Digital build greater than great websites, we’re super proud of this and we’ll continue to sing it to the world. We drive conversions from our web designs and have the data to prove it.

There’s mobile friendly and then there’s mobile friendly! We know that 74% of Australian’s run their show through their mobiles, we’re a bit nerdy but we love these stats and build awesome websites to please.

We get the technology and integrate our nerdy unreal understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so your website ranks highly. The first step? Good web architecture. Even Google rates the websites we build and have updated their algorithms specifically to focus on how easy it is for users to find what they’re looking for. That’s a win in our books!

Let’s make it EZ and functional so your customers stay on your site, find what they’re looking for and click through seamlessly to your shopping cart or contact you for your service.

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Copywriting & Content
When it comes to copywriting, there is content and then there is eye staring, thumb scrolling, stopping you in your tracks content.

We write clever, catchy and above all relevant, easy to read content that will make your viewers read all the way to the end and ask for more.

We know what you like and will try and give you that competitive edge every time. From websites, emails, social media, community management, influencer campaigns and clever tag lines, we target your clients with strategy to tell your story in the most meaningful way.

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Search Marketing
Let’s be honest here, we all search.

We search for things we love, for the unknown, for discovery and for the next best thing that will make each and every one of our lives a little bit better. We don’t search because the digital world invented search engines like Google, we do it because we’re human.

See, we told you we’d make search marketing EZ for you, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at its best plays a critical role in connecting your business with your people, your customers. Here’s a thought, if your brand doesn’t appear on the first page of Google, then it might as well not appear at all. Did you know that between 70-90% of people will only click on a search result if it appears on the first page. This means that if you want your business to be found by potential customers, your brand needs to be EZ’ily visible.

Here’s the other important bits: you pay per click, we tie these complicated bits into your marketing strategy taking your customers further down the funnel re-enforcing your messages. You have complete control from the bid to the words. This doesn’t require fancy creative and it’s immediately measurable because the digital space is dynamic and fast moving like that. Your business is our business.

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    EZ Digital were really great and flexible to work with. They took the time to understand our objectives and were willing to work with our moving timelines for the launch of our new venue, The Keg Room. The results were fantastic and exceeded our expectations. EZ Digital’s reporting and post follow-up were amazing and it’s great to talk to ‘real’ regional and local people who understand our needs.

    Catherine Bosley | General Manager

    Hotel Victor